Why a Plumbing Inspection Makes a BIG Difference to Your Bathroom Renovations

Why a Plumbing Inspection Makes a BIG Difference to Your Bathroom Renovations

Home renovations are some of the most prevalent perks of being a homeowner. You can do what you want, renovate how you want, and find ways to make your fantasy dream home a reality. However, that comes with challenges that require professional assistance, which is why you’d call Brick Street Services for all of your needs in bathroom remodel plumbing in Frederick, MD.

Before and after home renovations, it’s important to check your plumbing systems for kinks and issues that could arise later. Routine inspections are important, and you should contact Brick Street Services for annual checkups on your plumbing lines, especially if you plan to renovate or have renovated your bathroom. You never know what kind of problems could come up when it comes to the health and care of your home’s plumbing pipes.

Plumbing checkups don’t need to be at the same time every year, but those inspections must become routine annually. Most homeowners find it easier to remember plumbing inspections if they schedule them for the same time every year. The best advice Brick Street Services can give is to schedule your plumbing inspections before the worst of winter rolls around. Winter can freeze your pipes, and our experienced technicians can help you prepare for that.

How Long Do Routine Plumbing Inspections Take?

Typically, routine plumbing inspections last one to two hours. However, if your main concern is your bathroom plumbing before renovations, that portion of the inspection could last 30 minutes to an hour. It depends on if there are any issues and how severe those issues are.

You can learn more about Brick Street Services, and our specialties, like bathroom remodel plumbing in Frederick, MD, by calling us at (301) 453-8659. We promise that our expert plumbers can help you solve any problems you may have with your home’s plumbing system!