What’s Involved in Heat Pump Repair in Point of Rocks? Brick Street Services Answers Your Questions!

Heat pumps are notable for being complex devices that use heat transfer and refrigeration cycles to bring buildings’ heating and cooling elements to the right temperature. Varying in sizes, usually dependent on the residential or commercial buildings, heat pump repair in Point of Rocks can be a lengthy process.

We at Brick Street Services know you have questions and curiosities about the process of heating and cooling elements, so consider this article your rundown of heat pump replacement and repair. We strive to answer your most pressing questions, so hopefully, you will better understand the process and maintenance of your heat pump.

How Often Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your Heat Pump?

You should schedule maintenance on your heat pump at least once per year. This is bare minimum maintenance. However, this is enough if you’ve been attentive to any problems that might arise otherwise.

How Much Does a New Heat Pump Cost?

Costs depend upon the size of your new heat pump. Some heat pumps are smaller for less square footage. Those can cost anywhere from $35 to $200. However, larger heat pumps for bigger spaces can run anywhere from $800 to $4,500. Installation adds to the price.

What are Common Heat Pump Problems?

Heat pumps, like any other household appliance, have their own set of common problems. Such as:

  • Thermostat and Power Issues. These could cause the heat pump to stop working altogether.
  • Rapid Cycling of On/Off. Most like a thermostat issue, you will notice that your heat pump remains on for shorter periods of time before shutting down.
  • Heats or Cools Incorrectly. The heat pump is responsible for heating and cooling elements. When it does neither correctly, you have an issue.

Call on Our Professionals!

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