What Should You Do to Take Care of Your Sump Pumps in Yellow Springs?


What Should You Do to Take Care of Your Sump Pumps in Yellow Springs?Basements are prone to flooding, especially if you live downhill in an area with excessive rainfall. Sump pumps, by definition, are pumps that remove water from subterrain levels and disperse it back into the ground. What should you do to take care of your sump pumps in Yellow Springs?

In this blog, we give you a quick rundown of maintenance on your sump pump. While it’s important to call in a professional annually for repair and general maintenance, you can ensure the health of your sump pump through awareness.

How Does Awareness Help Care for a Sump Pump?

Being aware means being attentive to problems that could arise. Check your sump pump often to make sure it’s running correctly. You should also call a professional for maintenance annually. Think of this as a checkup to ensure your sump pump stays in top-notch shape.

How Much Does a New Sump Pump Cost?

A new sump pump could cost anywhere from $650 to $4,000, and that includes installation. The national average is $1200, but it’s still an expense that is best avoided if you can help it. Awareness and regular maintenance should help you prolong the life of your current sump pump.

What are Common Problems with Sump Pumps?

Like any appliance, sump pumps have common issues, such as:

  • Too Much to Handle. Sometimes a load of water is too much for a sump pump to process, which causes backup and overflow.
  • If your sump pump has an improper lid, the system will clog and slow down significantly.
  • Burnt Out Motor. This occurs when the sump pump runs continuously.

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