Water Heater Repair in Hagerstown, MD

Affordable Water Heater Repairs in Hagerstown, MD

Bad smelling or noisy hot water or a lack thereof is certainly a cause for concern, but don’t worry. Brick Street Plumbing has got your back with our water heater repairs in Hagerstown, MD. We understand what a pain hot water malfunctions can be, and hurry to your home or business to diagnose the cause and come up with a working solution. Our repair contractors are available to carry out this service 24/7, so our customers can get back to their routines and enjoy clean properties, food, dishes, and bodies.

Sometimes water heater repair isn’t practical even for the most qualified of plumbers, such as when a system is extremely old or has been extensively damaged. In such cases, we offer replacement and installation with the same level of expertise and skill that you’ve come to expect from our repairs. We’ll recommend a new unit and place it for you at your convenience. Our repair applies to electric, gas, and tankless models, and we service all top brands all the time.

Common Hot Water Heater Repairs

Some of the most typical issues we get when customers call us are lack of hot water, bad smells, leaking tanks, and noisy parts. Our team has successfully resolved each of these and knows the answer for your system. Lack of hot water means a problem with the heating element-which we can replace-or the pilot light. Noisy parts tend to mean failing parts, which would need to be replaced as well. The same is true for a leaking tank, as there is no effective repair for a leaking water heater.

Smelling rotten eggs when using hot water means there may be a bacterial infection in the unit. Regardless of whether you’ve called us for gas or electric water heater repair, our contractor determines where the smell is coming from and recommends steps to take. We’ve been through this many times, and once we know what’s causing your issue, we’ll be in a much better position to resolve it for you.

This Is a Job for Professionals

Assignments like gas water heater repair should only be attempted by licensed experts with training in the field. Heat, water, and gas can all pose threats to health and property when handled improperly, and protecting yourself and those you care about from that risk is easily worth the investment.

Get your hot water back by contacting our plumbers for service in Hagerstown, Maryland. We can fix any system and any issue.