Update Your Home Thermostats in Urbana to Be Better Prepared for the Winter Months

Update Your Home Thermostats in Urbana to Be Better Prepared for the Winter Months

Summer always feels short-lived, and before you know it, winter is here. There are things to do around the house before the oncoming chill, and one of those is checking your home thermostats in Urbana to ensure warmth for you and your family through the winter months.

How do you know that your in-home temperature controls need to be adjusted or updated?

  • The temperature within the home feels consistently warmer or colder than the controller display represents.
  • This is your first winter in your new home, but the structure and equipment are decades old.
  • You have to press the control buttons with force several times to get the temperature to move in either direction.
  • Any part of the control or display is broken or cracked because this could affect the interior wiring and short-circuit your home’s entire HVAC unit.

Why is Replacing Your Home Thermostat Important?

Most people overlook their home thermostat as a simple control to make it warmer or cooler in their house. However, the thermostat is a direct link through intricate wiring to your HVAC system. This means that those interior wires can warp and become damaged with age and use.

Replacing your home thermostat is important because those warped and damaged interior wires could result in damage to your entire HVAC system. That kind of damage would cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. It could also create a fire hazard if left unattended and unchecked for years.

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