Undergoing a Kitchen Remodel? Check Out Faucet Installation in Wolfsville!

Undergoing a Kitchen Remodel? Check Out Faucet Installation in Wolfsville!

Home kitchen remodels can be overwhelming and fun all at the same time. There are many elements to consider, like décor colors, the many different kinds of cabinets and fixtures, and who to call in for faucet installation in Wolfsville. The latter is especially challenging because there’s plumbing involved.

Want to Keep Your Old Kitchen Faucet? Check for these Issues!

There’s no harm in loving the faucet and plumbing fixtures you have in your kitchen now, but it might be time for an upgrade. Check for these issues to make sure you can keep your faucet before making any big remodel decisions:

  • How old is your faucet? The average lifespan of a plumbing fixture is 15 to 20 years. Near the end of its time? Upgrade!
  • Does your water flow out in a slow taper? There could be an obstruction in your faucet, like limestone buildup or rust. Upgrade!
  • Will the old faucet match up with your remodel ideas? If the answer is a resounding NO, then upgrade!

Kitchen Redesign: Making Choices for Your Perfect Faucet

It might sound silly to say that you’d have a perfect faucet for your kitchen remodel, but you know that everything has to flow exactly right when the redesign is completed.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect faucet for your kitchen:

  • How many mount holes are there on your sink?
  • What’s your preferred shape and spout style?
  • Do you like a rush of water or a trickle?

Brick Street Services at Your Service!

At Brick Street Services have the know-how required to help you with kitchen faucet installation in Wolfsville. Our team of professionals are thorough and precise, easily giving you a new look that you want for your kitchen remodel. Give us a call at 301-453-8659.