Toilet Installation & Repair Service in Middletown, MD

Let Us Handle New Toilet Installation in Middletown, MD

When a toilet is out of action, it’s hard on the whole household. A malfunctioning bathroom wreaks havoc on daily schedules, appointments, and more. But whether the toilet is simply clogged or in need of complete replacement, you need help, and fast. Brick Street Plumbing is ready to visit your home or business to handle new toilet installation in Middletown, MD, as well as toilet repair service. Not only that, emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now you can get fast plumbing solutions on your schedule!

Know When Repairs Are Necessary

Toilets are deceptively simple, meaning that there is a variety of possible problems. Sometimes the issue is with the toilet itself, while at other times it is a problem with the plumbing system. Talk to us if your toilet is running, flushing erratically or not at all, overflowing, or clogged. We have the tools and experience to handle any toilet repair project, as well as maintenance on the overall system.

Adequate pressure is essential to the proper function of your toilet, so we check the piping system for issues. Hidden clogs in the piping and sewage system often produce problems with your bathroom. Not only does this disrupt your home life, but these issues even increase your utility bill. Wasting water every time you flush is annoying and costly. As well, clogs and breaks in your water and sewage lines abruptly manifest as burst pipes and flooding from backup.

When to Replace Your Toilet

Avoiding these problems in the first place is more cost effective than fixing them as they arise, so be sure to ask us about our regular maintenance. Routine toilet repair service finds and fixes minor issues before they develop into expensive issues, as well as extending the useful lifetime of your toilet. Still, as a toilet ages, its functionality diminishes. After a certain point, your current toilet will no longer be adequate for your use. Our regular maintenance includes a lifetime assessment, giving you an idea of how long your toilet is expected to last so you are able to prepare for a toilet replacement. One of the benefits of new toilet installation is taking advantage of advances in toilet technology and water savings, which often pay for your new toilet over time.

Contact our plumbers today to find out more about our approach to toilet installation and repair. We proudly serve residents of Middletown, Maryland, and nearby areas.