Toilet Installation & Repair in Hagerstown, MD

Toilet Installation in Hagerstown, MD

If there’s one plumbing mishap that can’t wait whether it’s at a home or a business, it’s toilet troubles. Brick Street Plumbing is the local one-stop-shop for toilet installation in Hagerstown, MD, as well as repair. Only an experienced professional like ours can determine the specific cause of the failure and the remedy a toilet needs, especially when wastewater is involved. Some problems are common, but others are complex and potentially dangerous to your health. Only plumbers with the proper training should attempt to work with a waste appliance.

These factors combined with the frequency a bathroom is needed mean you definitely don’t want to wait to let us know when something is going on with your toilet. Fortunately, we offer you 24/7 access to our toilet repair team to help you take care of your property and everyone in it. Don’t go without using your bathroom any longer than necessary-now that we’re here with affordable rates and quick service, there’s no need to.

Taking Care of Toilet Replacement Too

Sometimes replacement is better than scheduling repair sessions again and again, especially when a fix would be more expensive and temporary than toilet installation. Should that option be right for you, we encourage you to explore your choices and consider upgrading to a newer and more efficient model. We can install whatever you pick with meticulous care because we want it to last you a good many years and be worth every penny you paid for it.

Common Toilet Repairs

The three most typical calls we get are that a toilet isn’t flushing, is leaking, or won’t stop running. All of these can be a nuisance, but the good news is that we know the answer to each. A failure to flush could mean a clog; we’ve seen these many times and offer an abundance of solutions. Leaks can indicate a pipe complication and the need for pipe replacement, which we’re also qualified for.

Persistent running is even easier; typically the “flapper” in your toilet fails to seal and stop it from refilling. We can adjust or replace that part in no time, returning your toilet to its proper function. Since we have the background knowledge to fix these problems fast, there’s no reason not to get in touch with us and tell us all about yours. We’ll dispatch a plumber right away and see to it that you have a solution.

Be sure to contact our 24/7 service line as soon as possible. We can visit any home or business in Hagerstown, Maryland, and the nearby communities.