Thermostats in Frederick


The hub of controlling your home’s climate is the thermostat. It’s important that you can rely on the temperature you set to be what the home feels like. That’s why you want a professional to take care of your thermostats. Here at Brick Street Services, we offer maintenance, repair, and replacement services to help you get the correct thermostat for your home needs.



Your current thermostat may not do all that it was meant to do. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider a new replacement. There are many options on the market today. You can easily control your climate, reduce your energy consumption, and go green as well. The options include programmable thermostats, thermostats you can control with blue-tooth, and many more. Your installation technician can go over the options with you so you can make an informed choice.


Sometimes your current thermostat may need a little TLC. If you’re noticing issues with the home where it feels warmer or colder than the thermostat reads, call in the repair experts. We can go through the system, find any issues, and have it back up and running in as little time as possible.


Part of our maintenance service includes calibrating the thermostat. If it is off by a little, it can make your home feel warmer than it should. That’s why your thermostat must be checked regularly.

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