Sump Pumps in Hagerstown, MD

Sump Pumps in Hagerstown, MD

Floods devastate homes and businesses, but their severity can be lessened when owners are prepared. Brick Street Plumbing is here to help with that by installing, repairing, and replacing sump pumps in Hagerstown, MD. These are designed to prevent water pileup from bad weather and faulty plumbing. In doing so, they protect your valuables and stop mildew and mold. However, the models in older homes may have a system that is no longer compliant with city codes, which is why we recommend calling us in to take a look.

Moisture can and will build up no matter how good your exterior drainage system is. Sump pump repair and service is your best line of defense against a disaster. We connect the systems as they should be and dispose of water properly. You want to be ready for the next heavy storm and avoid the threat of fire from excess water touching your electrical system, to say nothing of all of the damage water can cause. Calling our 24/7 line is the first step. We send a qualified and dedicated plumber out right away to prepare and protect your property.

How Sump Pumps Work

The idea behind our sump pumps service is keeping your property dry. After the installation is complete, the device collects water in a basin and pushes it outside the home or business to return to a dry well or city storm drain. As water flows into the pit, it raises the pressure on the sensor or raises the float valve, thus activating the pump. The pump then turns an impeller to move the water within the basin. As it leaves, a check valve blocks it from returning. In this way, floodwater gets out and stays out for good.

Regular testing is essential to keep these machines in good working order. Our sump pump contractors are happy to help you with this. All it takes is pouring a couple of gallons of water into the basin to check that it’s being pushed outside the property as it should be. We can easily inspect it for you and let you know whether it’s working well and if a replacement is needed. You’re also encouraged to ask us about installing ejector pumps for finished basements. Either of these options can work well in protecting you and what you care about from flooding.

Contact us with questions or concerns about your home or business’s sump pump. Our team here in Hagerstown, Maryland, to be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you.