Sump Pumps In Frederick, MD

When it comes to keeping water out of your basement or home, a sump pump is a smart way to go. Whether you need sump pumps in Frederick, MD, installed, repaired, or maintained, the team at Brick Street Services can help. We provide professional sump pump service to help you restore your system’s working order and ensure it does the job it was made to do.

Check out the services we provide below, or call our experts today for your appointment.

Installation or Replacement

Whether you have a system or not, we can help. With professional installation technicians on stand-by, your new sump pump can be up and running in no time. We work diligently to provide you with the best choice in models of systems and professional installation. While there are several DIY projects you could do around the home, make sure not to skip the professional installation.


Service should be performed on your sump pump regularly. This allows our tech team to find any issues along the way. It will prevent any major breakdowns and stop you from having a flooded basement. Your maintenance technician will come out, inspect the system inside and out, and perform any necessary tweaks to the unit.


Even with regular maintenance in place, over time, you can still need repairs. Work with the experts in the industry when it comes to an issue with your sump pump. This seemingly simple system can mean the difference between a good day and a catastrophe.

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