Sewer Line Repair in Hagerstown, MD

Sewer Rodding in Hagerstown, MD

A blocked sewage line is both an annoying inconvenience and a potentially dangerous and unsanitary health hazard. Fortunately, Brick Street Plumbing has the resources and dedication to provide licensed contractors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to unclog sewage drains. We do this through water jet and sewer rodding. In Hagerstown, MD, we’re the go-to company for local residents and businesses. Throughout the community, our customers trust us to service their systems and get them going again fast, and we ensure their trust is never misplaced.

What Does Our Sewer Rodding Service Involve?

Sewer rodding is a mechanical method used to clear a sewer obstruction. We insert a flexible metal cable into the pipe with an attached head and mechanical teeth. The motor that powers the head spins it at a high speed while we thread the cable through the pipe and around its turns. The teeth chow down on those blockages and tree roots until they’re finely shredded and easy to wash out. Thus your system can once again flow as it should, and you can enjoy the modern conveniences of your property’s plumbing system.

Water jet rodding is similar but involves high-pressure water to dissolve clogs. We routinely employ this technique to clean sewers and use similar ones for drain cleaning, another one of our services. Ask our professionals for an assessment, and we’ll let you know which one is the better option for your system and situation.

How To Prevent the Need for Sewer Rodding

Tree roots are a sewer line’s greatest enemy, so being careful about where they’re planted and how often they’re maintained is an excellent strategy for keeping them out of your pipes. Ample watering and fertilization prevents the roots from seeking out the sewer lines; if they have what they need already, they won’t bother looking for it elsewhere. Our professionals can also perform inspections for you to ensure your sewers are working well and aren’t at risk for obstructions. Just give us a call, and we’ll come right over to give you a clean sewer that gets the job done.

Contact our plumbers to find out more about the sewer rodding process. Even the sewers in Hagerstown, Maryland, need occasional cleaning. Contact us to get yours done today.