Schedule an Appointment Online with Brick Street Services for Kitchen Plumbing Consultations!

Schedule an Appointment Online with Brick Street Services for Kitchen Plumbing Consultations!

You’ve finally got the means to transform your house into a cozy dream home, beginning with the kitchen. Congratulations! Where will you start? We at Brick Street Services encourage you to think about your home’s kitchen remodel plumbing near Leesburg, VA before you get too far into your plans. Your home’s plumbing system is, as a whole, one of the most important components of your home, and a huge chunk of it is situated beneath the kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to schedule inspections of your kitchen’s plumbing system, specifically, before launching any big remodeling plans.

Did you know that a huge portion of your home’s comfort and convenience relies on the health of your plumbing system? If you begin remodels, especially if they are DIY projects, there are chances that renovations can damage or worsen plumbing issues. And the last thing you want is a massive leak beneath your kitchen floors. So, it’s “better safe than sorry” when you call us at Brick Street Services for inspections and consultations before kitchen renovations.

Remodels have varied time frames, and we at Brick Street Services understand that you have both a schedule to keep and a budget to adhere to. After an initial consultation where you tell us exactly what you want from our services, we can give you an estimate on the best time for an inspection and how much it will cost. If we find any problems, the time and expense will change, but we will diligently and respectfully keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Our technicians are well-equipped to handle plumbing problems during an initial consultation and inspection. So, you typically don’t have to wait if the problems are minor. However, major issues may require a reschedule to gather resources and develop a plan of action.

You can learn more about Brick Street Services and kitchen remodel plumbing near Leesburg, VA, by calling (301) 453-8659.