Roofing Repair & Re-Roofing Service in Ranson

The elements, as well as time, have the ability to do a great deal of damage to your roof. This is why it’s so important to look for signs of damage on a regular basis, especially after bad weather. To help your house recover from wind, tree, hail, or water damage, rely on roof repair, from Brick Street Construction. We’re here for all of your Roofing Repair & Re-Roofing Service in Ranson!

Our remodeling company offers experience and expertise in home improvement services. In fact, our owner has more than 20 years of experience. We apply our skill and knowledge to make roofing repairs that make the damage disappear.

Damage from the Elements

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t categorize the types of roof repairs your house may need. Instead, your focus is on getting the problem addressed as soon as possible. This is fine with us, but putting the damage in categories allows you to see the differences in damage that may occur and repairs that are required. Here is how we organize damage:

  • Wind—A little bit of wind won’t hurt your house, but if the speed kicks up during a severe storm, it can tear chunks right out of the roof. Even if you don’t see any holes or missing pieces at the time, winds that exceed 50 mph can weaken your roofing and make it vulnerable to future damage. We recommend you repair any visible damage right away.
  • Tree—A tree that lands on your roof can create a great deal of damage, even if it’s a single branch that has fallen. Wood is heavy and stresses the structure of your roof. When you see branches on your roof or even nearby, there likely is damage to the top of your house. Ask our contractor to look over the situation and recommended needed repairs.
  • Hail—Hail may not fall often, but when it does the damage can be severe, even from small pieces. These bits of ice hit hard and cause dents. Reach out to us in the wake of a hailstorm, so our crew can take care of the damage before it causes you even more trouble.
  • Water—Water can cause you immediate problems with your roofing, especially if there are holes up top. However, the more serious damage often comes from water that gets inside the roof and house. This causes structural damage in areas you can’t always see. For this, we suggest a regular check, at least once a year.

A Reputation for Integrity

You can count on our contractor to respond quickly to your call for roof repair and provide you with efficient service and quality workmanship. Reach out to us for an estimate.

Contact us today to provide you with the right repairs for your roofing problem. We proudly serve customers in Leesburg, Virginia; Martinsburg, Charles Town, and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; and Ranson and Hagerstown, Maryland. Brick Street Services is here for all of your roofing needs when it comes to Roofing Repair & Re-Roofing Service in Ranson!