Roofing Repair Charles Town

When Roof Repair in Charles Town, WV, Is Necessary

How do you need to know when it’s time for roof repair in Charles Town, WV? Ask the professionals at Brick Street Construction for tips. With more than 20 years of experience, our contractor tells you what to look for and recommends the specific service. Reach out to us for an inspection that identifies problems that require repair.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs

Our crew knows exactly what to look for when you have trouble with your roofing. During our time in business, we’ve developed a keen eye for spotting problems, as well as the knowledge of how best to deal with them. Often, roofing repairs can be linked back to visible signs of damage, such as:

  • Leaks—Moisture on the roof and in the attic often point to a leak in the roof. This could be due to a missing piece or hole where water has gotten inside.
  • Stains—Water leaves its mark on the exterior walls, as well as throughout the attic with stains. This lets you know there is damage that is allowing water to get inside.
  • Sagging—A sagging roof tells us the underlying structure has been weakened and needs to be shored up. Roof repair or replacement may be necessary.
  • Sunlight—The only light you should be able to see in your attic is from a bulb. When daylight enters this space, it means there are gaps in the roofing.
  • Tree Branches in or near Your House—Obviously, a branch on top of your house is a cause for alarm. However, a nearby branch may have hit the house and rolled off, leaving damage behind. Be sure to check your roof safely from the ground after a storm.
  • Rising Power Bills—When your house has tears and holes in the roof, your HVAC system responds to this by using increased energy to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.
  • General Wear & Tear—Bad weather and aging impacts your roof. Signs are evident all over the roof or around openings.
  • Our contractor recommends an annual inspection to identify problems and fix them before they cause expensive and extensive damage. Also, you should check following storms and when you notice signs of leaks inside or outside. When you notice these warning signs, call us right away for roof repair.

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