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At Brick Street Plumbing, we offer all the services you need in one convenient location. Whether the problem is at your home or your business, we're ready to dispatch our team at a moment's notice - that's why we,re available 7 days a week. Find out why local families and businesses rely on us for help with their plumbing by reaching out today.

  • Plumbing services: From simple clogged drains to complex sewer line issues, Brick Street Plumbing has the skills needed to resolve almost any plumbing issue.
  • Sump Pumps: Keeping your basement clean and dry with a sump pump installed by our plumbing company. Be sure to depend on us for repairs, too!
  • Water Heaters: Save money and energy with a modern water heater, courtesy of our team, We also specialize in working with tankless water heaters



Sooner or later everyone encounters a clogged drain. It can happen anywhere—in your home or business, in your kitchen or bathroom, or in your sink or bathtub. But no matter where you experience your first stubborn clog, you can always count on Brick Street Plumbing to be on the scene shortly afterward. We’re your first source for professional drain cleaning, and the surrounding areas. We have the tools and equipment to help unclog sinks and unclog drains.

Clogged drains may seem like a simple inconvenience, but they can quickly devolve into severe plumbing problems. When water and waste can’t get through your pipes, it’ll stay right where you left it—in the pipes—and eventually start to cause a stink (literally). For your safety and your comfort, we recommend reaching out to our team as soon as possible after you notice the clog and our plumbers will unclog it.


Drain clogs come in all shapes and sizes, but the worst are the ones that require extensive jetting. Most homeowners and businesses aren’t equipped to deal with those kinds of issues, and that’s where our plumbers come in. As soon as you request professional clogged drain cleaning, we dispatch with all the specialty tools we need to locate the source of the trouble, evaluate its severity, and apply a solution that works.

Additionally, our plumbers are good for more than just repairs. Along with fixing clogged drains and pipes, we can install new plumbing fixtures, such as sump pumps and water heaters. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things plumbing, so depend on us whenever you need sewer drain cleaning, as well as help with your fixtures or appliances.


Most people avoid clogging their pipes by keeping sticky or solid waste out of their drains. However, drains can become clogged over time for other reasons: leaks, for example. That’s why we recommend opting for our electronic drain leak detection service—it can reveal insight into your pipes’ condition and help us catch early signs of trouble.


A clogged drain doesn’t have to mean tightening your belt for the month. Unclogging drains is our specialty. Brick Street Plumbing understands that local families and businesses want the best prices available for plumbing services. It’s one of the reasons you’ll save $29 on your next drain cleaning request. Be sure to take advantage of our free video inspections for sewer lines!


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We moved to the area about six months ago. The house we purchased was perfect in every way except for the bathrooms. Since we are new to the area we started looking for companies to remodel the bathrooms. While there are lots of companies advertising we found very few that we were comfortable with. Brick Street Construction is the company we decided on. Mostly because the staff was really knowledgable and they had a fair price. We are very happy that we went with them. The employees that came to do the work did an excellent job. They were cleanprofessional. Thanks to these guys we have a perfect house now.

Kari Smith

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