Plumbing Problems in Your Kitchen? Call Brick Street Services for Help!

Plumbing Problems in Your Kitchen? Call Brick Street Services for Help!

Home renovations are underway, you’re super excited about the new additions, and then you spring a leak somewhere. Renovations aren’t without problems, but most homeowners don’t see past their visions of a dream home. Luckily, Brick Street Services specializes in kitchen remodel plumbing in Frederick, MD, enabling you to focus on the more fun sides of renovation towards your perfect kitchen and home.

Kitchen renovations usually don’t cause plumbing problems but allow homeowners to see the issues. For example, the most common plumbing problems for a kitchen are clogged pipes. The usual story – grease from dinner gets poured down the kitchen drains, hardens, and begins to cause problems.

Tell-tale signs of clogged pipes could be:

  • Strange smells coming from the drains. The smell is closer to old, rotten foods.

Note: If you smell raw sewage, there could be a bigger problem than clogged pipes.

  • Changes in the pressure and flow of water from the faucets.
  • Weird odors usually accompany gurgling sounds from the drains.
  • It takes forever for the water to drain after using the kitchen sink or dishwasher.

While these are prevalent signs of a clogged pipe, some homeowners will still write it off as something other than a plumbing issue. Problems are brought to the surface during home renovations, and clogged pipes or other plumbing issues need to be addressed and fixed before extensive remodels continue.

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