Pipe Leak Detection & Leaky Pipe Repair Service in Hagerstown MD

Leaking Pipes in Hagerstown, MD

In a cold and snowy state like Maryland, a reputable company like Brick Street Plumbing is indispensable. Damaged and leaking pipes in Hagerstown, MD, can flood your basement when combined with cold weather and unexpected plumbing problems. Pipes can freeze and burst in cold weather and need to be fixed immediately, and that’s when we’re there for you. Our company is licensed and skilled in repairing broken and leaking pipes for homes and businesses. We understand the urgency of these jobs and send a qualified crew quickly.

When repair is more expensive or will only be temporary, we can replace plumbing pipes too. There are plenty of cases where this is simply the better, more practical, and more affordable solution. That being said, we only recommend it when we feel it is truly necessary because we want to save you money wherever possible. Anytime your pipes are acting strangely, we implore you to call us right away-the quicker we act, the better your chances of the problem being fixable. Some signs to watch for, especially as the weather turns colder, include:

  • Slow, Steady Drip
  • Odd Wet Spots in Walls and Ceilings
  • Unusually High Water Bills
  • Sudden Mildew or Mold Growth
  • Musty or Stale Odors

How You Can Help Lessen the Damage

There are ways to defend your home or business ahead of time from the leaks and floods of broken pipes. You can prepare for them by having us install a sump pump, as they alleviate the worst of the floodwater. They collect water and send it outside your home, making the damage much less than it could have been. With our service on your side, getting these installed in your property is easier and more affordable than ever.

We’re Always On Call and at Your Service

Snowstorms can and often do happen outside of normal business hours, and this can spell trouble for your plumbing pipes. Never fear, we have a professional ready to answer the phone and speak to you at all hours of the day and night. You can rest assured that there’s a solution to your situation no matter when it happens. We understand how much your pipes contribute to your daily operations or routine, and how troubling it can be when they quit on you. You’ll receive exceptional service as soon as we can get to you, with the least water wasted possible.

Contact Brick Street Plumbing right away if a pipe has burst or frozen. We’re prepared to get to work whenever you need us, anywhere in Hagerstown, Maryland.