Pipe Leak Detection & Repair

Have you noticed a slow, steady drip coming from somewhere in your home or business? Have you noticed odd wet spots in your ceiling or walls? Or if it’s cold outside, is your pipes leaking? Cold weather will cause your pipes to freeze and burst. It may be time to get your plumbing pipe leak detection and repair service in the Frederick area. Fixing broken and frozen pipes needs to be fixed immediately. You may be dealing with leaking pipes. Brick Street Plumbing knows the signs and how to locate and repair plumbing pipe leaks —that’s why we encourage you to recruit our team as soon as you think your pipes are in trouble. We offer affordable broken pipe repair and replacement services.


Leaky pipes aren’t always obvious or easy to spot. In fact, a good portion of leaks happen in places we can’t see them—behind your home or business’s walls, for example. Unfortunately, these types of leaks are often the most troublesome, partially because so many people don’t catch them until they’ve caused plenty of damage. But with help from our plumbers, it’s easy to spot early signs of broken pipes. Just a few of them may include:

  • Wet Spots on the Ceiling or Walls
  • Sudden Mold or Mildew Growth
  • Stale or Musty Odors
  • Unusually High Water Bills

We recommend getting in touch with our plumbers as soon as possible after noticing any of the above signs. Early treatment is essential, as leaks that are left unchecked have the potential to severely damage your home or business. You don’t have to settle for costly water damage, flooding, and other expensive problems caused by leaky plumbing pipes when our company is on the job. In cold weather, it can cause your pipes to freeze and repairing a frozen pipe troublesome but our plumbers are equipped to fix it all.


Sometimes frozen or broken pipes are too damaged to repair practically or affordably. When that happens, our plumbers recommend replacing them altogether. We only advise this when continuing to repair them will cost more than they’re worth, or when we know that any fix we apply will only last a little while. The good news is that we can replace your broken pipes at any time—just say the word.


Many people worry about water getting into their basements. Leaking and damaged pipes, along with unexpected plumbing issues and severe weather, can cause your basement to flood. Brick Street Plumbing  recommends planning for the worst with a new sump pump. A sump pump can alleviate the worst of leaking and flooding water (as well as your fears). And, through our plumbing company, installation is simpler and more affordable than ever.


Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or entire home we can assist with your project.
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