No Kitchen Remodel is Complete Without a Total Overhaul of Your Plumbing Fixtures to Match Your Décor

No Kitchen Remodel is Complete Without a Total Overhaul of Your Plumbing Fixtures to Match Your Décor

Everyone has an idea of what their dream house would be. And while everyone can’t live in their dream house all of the time, it’s important to make periodic renovations to your home that draw from your idea of your dream house. Your remodels this year could begin with kitchen remodel plumbing in New Market, where you replace your plumbing fixtures to have them match your new designs.

We at Brick Street Services are well-trained and well-equipped to handle everything from plumbing renovations and fixture replacements to repairs and routine inspections. Our professionals are quick and efficient, taking you through the whole process of renovations in ways that both educate and inform.

Where do you begin? With an in-person consultation! Kitchen remodels, especially for plumbing fixtures and pipes, need to be mapped out in advance. You can call us for an inspection and consultation to listen to your expectations and requirements. We will give you an estimate, accommodate your time and budgets, and let you know what you can expect in the finished product.

The Best Plumbing Remodel Projects Accommodate Your Ideas

Our team at Brick Street Services wants you to have your dream house, especially with plumbing that meets your needs. Our aim is accommodation. We know that you have a budget to work with and precious time to dedicate to remodel efforts. We listen!

Make a checklist of things you want us to accomplish regarding your plumbing expectations for a kitchen remodel. Our professional plumbers are equipped to handle everything from minor repairs to complete replacements of fixtures and pipes – but you have to communicate your needs.

For more information about our specialties, including kitchen remodel plumbing in New Market, give Brick Street Services a call at (301) 453-8659. We look forward to hearing from you!