How Toilet Installation & Replacement in Mount Airy Can Tie Your Whole Bathroom Together

Did you know that the average person spends 30 to 60 minutes in the bathroom per day? That’s too much time to spend in a room you dislike, which is why bathroom redesigns are common in dream home remodels. Know what could tie your whole bathroom together? New toilet installation & replacement in Mount Airy is one way to perfect the redesign of your bathroom.

Who Do You Call to Redesign Your Bathroom with a New Toilet?

Brick Street Services! We are skilled in bathroom remodeling and redesign, especially when it comes to plumbing services that require installation, repair, and maintenance. We believe that time spent in your bathroom should be relaxing and comfortable.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Toilet?

On average, a standard toilet installation would take two to three hours. However, if the old toilet has to be removed and the plumbing checked beneath it, the installation process could take a few hours longer. It depends on what needs to be done, but average installation shouldn’t take longer than a day.

Will Brick Street Services Accommodate Your Toilet Preferences?

Yes! We at Brick Street Services strive to accommodate your specifications for your bathroom remodel and redesign – plumbing preferences included.

Want a low-flow toilet? We can do that! Interested in a standard installation? It’s our specialty! We will work with you to accommodate your specifics, time, and budget – let us know what you want. If it helps, we can offer suggestions on the toilet that would work best in your bathroom after an initial consultation.

For toilet installation & replacement in Mount Airy, you should give Brick Street Services a call for an in-person consultation and estimate. We are happy to accommodate your time and budget, so give us a call at (301) 453-8659 to set up an appointment today!