How a New Shower Installation in Woodsboro Could Change the Whole Vibe of Your Bathroom

How a New Shower Installation in Woodsboro Could Change the Whole Vibe of Your Bathroom

When you want to remodel your bathroom, some things are DIY projects, while others, like new shower installation in Woodsboro, are meant for more experienced hands. Brick Street Services professionals are skilled in helping you revamp your home, but we believe a new shower could change the entire vibe of your bathroom.

The average person spends at least half an hour in the bathroom daily, while 15 to 20 minutes of that is spent in the shower. Shouldn’t you love the process of bathing in a shower you are comfortable in? We can help you install the shower of your dreams, but to begin with, take a look at the kind of showerheads you might want and how they make a difference in the quality of your shower time.

  • Fixed shower heads are mounted to the wall permanently. They are fixed in place, but the pressure is often better because the pipes don’t bend or kink.
  • Detachable shower heads are popular because they allow you to reach areas of your body that would otherwise require a stretch or two to get clean. These are perfect for people with disabilities.
  • Rainfall showerheads are exactly what the name suggests. They sprinkle you with water, like heavy rain, to get you clean and relieve your stress.
  • Massaging shower heads are often detachable and can be used to work the tension from your muscles.

How Long Does the Average Shower Installation Take?

It depends on the type of shower you have. We can extract the old shower, then install a new shower. Or we can install a shower and tub combo for better bathing options. To do everything related to installing a brand-new shower, it could take up to four days of daytime work to complete the plumbing and sealing processes.

Brick Street Services Can Accommodate Your Schedule and Remodel Ideas!

Our aim at Brick Street Services is to make you feel comfortable and secure in your home. We are happy to listen to your ideas regarding all kinds of home remodels, including shower installation in Woodsboro. Call us for more information at (301) 453-8659!