Home Additions Remodeling Service Contractor In Martinsburg

Remodeling your home can help it to fit your needs without having to move to a new place. There are many aspects of remodeling you can undertake to have the home of your dreams. If you’re outgrowing your current residence or need a little improvement, consider hiring a home additions remodeling contractor in Martinsburg. Here at Brick Street Services, we provide a wide range of remodeling help to get your home to the place you want it to be.

Discover a few of the services we provide below and see why so many homeowners turn to our company for their remodeling needs.

Deck Installation

Is it time to add to your backyard excitement? Have you always wanted a large deck with an outdoor kitchen area? Then you’re in the right place! Our deck specialists can help you with designing and installing the perfect backyard relaxation spot.

Bathrooms or Kitchens

Do you need a new bathroom added? Has your kitchen seemed as it is getting too small? No problem! We add on to your current home with our construction team by building a new bathroom or kitchen area to expand the current space.

Additional Rooms

If your family has grown, it may be time to consider adding on another bedroom. This can be done with the expertise here at Brick Street Services. Talk with one of our contractors today to see how adding space may be easier than you think.

Why You Should Work With Brick Street Services

When you need a home additions remodeling contractor in Martinsburg, you want someone who is licensed and certified to do the job right. With years of experience and certification behind us, you can trust we’ll add your needed space with excellence. Call (301) 453-2089 to discuss your options for additions.