Heat Pump Repair Service in Frederick, MD

Are you concerned that your heat pump requires some TLC? Do you feel like it’s on the verge of a breakdown? Then don’t put off a heat pump repair service in Frederick, MD call any longer! Finding the right company to make sure your home stays warm and cozy all winter long is easy to do when working with Brick Street Services. The 5-star quality service you receive will have you back to normal in no time. We can repair any heat pump you may have, from geothermal systems to ground-source and more.

Signs a Repair is In Your Future

Many signs signal something is amiss with your current heat pump. They include items such as:

  • Age of the system – If it is around 7 years old or older, it could be time for a repair check.
  • Strange noises – You know that your system doesn’t typically make that noise you hear coming from the heater. It’s time to call in the experts!
  • Where’s the hot air? – If you’re noticing less and less warm air coming from the system, something isn’t working as it should.
  • Maintenance – When was the last time you had maintenance performed? If it’s been over a year, then there could be a repair brewing.
  • Jump in your bill – If you’ve seen a spike in your monthly heating bill, it’s time to give our office a call.

Our repair technicians are here to troubleshoot your heat pump and get it back up and running in no time. If you need a heat pump repair service in Frederick, MD, be sure to reach out to our techs at (301) 453-2089. We are available around the clock to knock out any repair issues you may have.

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