Heat Pump Installation In Frederick, MD

Installing a new heater in your home should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. If there’s a team trying to sell you that idea, then run far away! Here at Brick Street Services, we understand that each heat pump installation in Frederick, MD, is unique to the home itself. You must work with a company that understands that and can help you find the perfect heat pump for your situation.

Our technicians are all highly trained and certified to install the unit and make sure it fits just right.

Is It Time For an Installation?

There are a few sure signs you need to consider an installation. They include:

  • Age of the system itself
  • Wear and tear of the unit
  • How many times have you repaired it recently?
  • How long ago was it installed?

Consultation With an Expert

The beginning of the installation process starts with a thorough consultation with one of our installation specialists. They will evaluate the home itself, measure the heating area, discuss your budget and needs, and offer you options to choose from. We install everything from ground-source systems to geothermal systems and beyond.


You’ll have an expert team onsite at the appointed time to install your brand new heat pump. The technicians all arrive with a fully-stocked truck that has everything they need on-hand. This allows your installation to run smoothly and seamlessly.

The heat pump installation in Frederick, MD, by Brick Street Services is done with professionalism, efficiency, and speed. This maximizes your comfort and minimizes your downtime. Call our office at (301) 453-2089 to learn more about our process or set up a consultation with an expert today.

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