Gas Line Repair
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When it comes to efficient appliances and home systems, gas is a great way to go. When you're connected to a natural gas line, you have an unending supply of fuel. This helps you to take care of everything from heating your home to washing dishes and laundry. However, there comes a time when you'll need a gas fitting and gas line repair in Frederick, MD. That is when you need the skills and expertise here at Brick Street Services.

Our team has been working together for years to find the best techniques in the industry. We can help you with any gas line repair you need as soon as possible.


There are some systems you don't want to put off repairs for. Your gas line system is one of them. Gas lines need to be checked and repaired as soon as you notice an issue. That's why we provide emergency service around the clock for all your repair needs. If you start to smell a rotten egg smell, notice issues with gas appliances, or even notice that your water heater isn't working as it should give our team a call.


You want to know that you can trust and depend on the repair technician you go with. That's why we ensure that each technician is certified and trained in gas appliances' safety and compliance. Every repair professional can work on your gas line, repair the problem, and get you a long-term solution. From troubleshooting the line to the final budget-friendly repair, we've got you taken care of. Call the office at (301)969-4911 today to learn more about our gas fitting and gas line repair

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Gas Line Repair

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We moved to the area about six months ago. The house we purchased was perfect in every way except for the bathrooms. Since we are new to the area we started looking for companies to remodel the bathrooms. While there are lots of companies advertising we found very few that we were comfortable with. Brick Street Construction is the company we decided on. Mostly because the staff was really knowledgable and they had a fair price. We are very happy that we went with them. The employees that came to do the work did an excellent job. They were cleanprofessional. Thanks to these guys we have a perfect house now.

Kari Smith

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Between all the plumbers in the city, we are different because we provide the best service.

We are always interested in qualified people who possess exceptional knowledge of our industry