Gas Furnace Service In Pecktonville

Your gas furnace has a big job when the temperatures drop. Before winter hits, it’s advised to have regular gas furnace service in Pecktonville, MD to ensure you’re ready when it does. That is why Brick Street Services is a leader in furnace service in the area. Our company provides professional and reliable service for installation, maintenance, and repairs.

With our regular maintenance service, you can rely on your gas furnace for years to come. Below are a few of the items we go over when we service your system and how you can guarantee that you’re ready to face the drop in temps this year.

Clean the System

There are several aspects of the heating system that need to be cleaned. For example, we clean or change out furnace filters, clean the blower itself, and clean the venting system. All of these areas are critical to not only getting efficient but safe heat in the home.

Duct System

Another area we clean and inspect is the ductwork from the furnace. When it comes to using furnaces, your duct system can be damaged from time-to-time. We thoroughly inspect the ductwork, clean and repair it to help you ensure you’re not losing heat.


Each service appointment includes a thorough inspection from top to bottom. We check everything from connections to the fan itself. Doing this allows us to find small issues before they can become a large breakdown in the heart of winter.

Don’t allow your gas furnace to keep going year after year without the proper maintenance. Contact Brick Street Services at (301) 453-2089 to learn more about our gas furnace service in Pecktonville, MD, today.