Do You Need an Inspection of Kitchen Fixtures and Plumbing Before a Remodel?

Do You Need an Inspection of Kitchen Fixtures and Plumbing Before a Remodel?

One of the major perks of being a homeowner is renovating and remodeling at your leisure. If you can dream it, your home can be it. However, when it comes to appliances and plumbing fixtures in your kitchen, you should get them inspected before pursuing an in-depth overhaul of your kitchen. We at Brick Street Services are knowledgeable about kitchen remodel plumbing near Gaithersburg, MD. It’s our business to make your renovation project run a little smoother.

While there are dozens of renovation and remodel components that could be deemed DIY, plumbing shouldn’t be one of them. Your plumbing system is fickle and extensive. Unless you have a professional working knowledge of home plumbing and pipes, you should leave inspections, repairs, and replacements to the professionals. At Brick Street Services, we accommodate your needs and expectations. If you want something specific in terms of installation and repair, let us know.

We can’t wait to see what your remodel becomes! Our plumbing pros are always excited to help you realize your dreams of… well, a dream home. Our accommodations extend to your time and expenses, so let us know when appointments would work best for you. We will also take your budgets into account and help you stay within a range for installations, repairs, and replacements of plumbing fixtures in your kitchen.

Kitchen Plumbing Renovation Times Can Vary

There is no such thing as super-quick but efficient renovations. Our professional plumbers work diligently to complete plumbing renovations in your kitchen, but time estimates are dependent upon the project. We want to complete the job right the first time.

For more information about kitchen remodel plumbing near Gaithersburg, MD, call Brick Street Services at (301) 453-8659. We’re so excited to help you plan remodels that fit into what you want for your home renovations!