Disposal Repair in Martinsburg, WV

Garbage Disposal in Martinsburg, WV

Garbage disposals make life easier, both for families and businesses in the restaurant industry. With a disposal on hand, you never have to throw food away in a trash can, which eventually leads to bad smells and sometimes even unexpected messes. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, or you’d like to upgrade to a more modern model, turn to Brick Street Plumbing. We offer residential and commercial services for garbage disposals in Martinsburg, WV.

Whether you need installation, repair, or replacement, you can always depend on our plumbers to be there for you. Best of all, we work quickly and carefully, leaving your living or workspace as clean as we found it. Along with services for garbage disposals, our plumbers have the skills and experience needed to handle faucets, toilets, and many other common plumbing fixtures and appliances. Reach out today to request our assistance with a garbage disposal install or repair project.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Many people don’t think much about their garbage disposals until they stop working. This may be due to the fact that we don’t see our garbage disposals, but we do use them almost every day. With everyday use comes daily wear and tear, which eventually leads to problems. Thankfully, you can always depend on our plumbers when you need prompt and professional garbage disposal service.

Clogs are the most common problems we resolve. Usually, clogs are caused by a buildup of food debris in your disposal. Noodles, coffee grounds, and other mushy or grainy substances don’t play well with garbage disposals, so we recommend throwing those away through traditional avenues. For best results, never overload your disposal, and be sure to run plenty of water every time you use it.

Another common garbage disposal problem is the blockage. Many people drop small articles, such as measuring spoons, straws, and other utensils into their disposals while washing dishes. These items can prevent the blades from turning (while damaging or destroying the utensil blocking them).

When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Most garbage disposal problems can be fixed with help from a plumber. However, there are many situations in which garbage disposal repairs aren’t enough—situations in which replacement is the best course of action. For example, over the course of several years, your disposal’s blades can grow dull. You may also notice more clogs and odors. If replacement is the best option for you, rest assured our plumbers will let you know.

Contact our plumbers to request our assistance with installing or repairing your garbage disposal. We proudly serve clients throughout Martinsburg, West Virginia, and nearby areas.