Call on Brick Street Services for Heat Pump Service near Jefferson Throughout the Year

Call on Brick Street Services for Heat Pump Service near Jefferson Throughout the YearIt can be a major inconvenience when your heat pump is on the fritz, especially in sweltering or freezing weather. Luckily, Brick Street Services offers heat pump service near Jefferson throughout the year. We offer peace of mind and a solution to your heating and cooling problems.

The heat pump to your home is an integral part of your comfort throughout the year. When it’s cold outside, the heat pump pulls air from outdoors to heat your home. Whereas the pump will work in reverse when it’s warm outside, pulling heat from indoors to cool your home. It’s a unique heating and cooling system that many families rely on for comfort and convenience.

How Does a Heat Pump Provide Both Heating and Cooling Elements?

The heat pump is divided into two sections—cooling elements on one side and heating elements on the other. Dependent upon your thermostat’s setting, each element is activated to provide your home with the perfect temperature.

Does a Heat Pump Need Regular Maintenance?

Yes! You should call a professional to service and maintain your heat pump at least once a year. This will ensure your heat pump stays in top shape.

Are a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner the Same Thing?

Not exactly. An air conditioner’s responsibility is specific to cooling your home. In contrast, a heat pump has heating and cooling elements to provide your home with a wider range of temperatures.

Brick Street Services – We are a Reliable Option for Your Maintenance and Repair Needs!

We at Brick Street Services are professionals in the maintenance and repair of everything around the house. Heat pump service near Jefferson is only one of the many services we provide, and it’s a good starting point, especially when harsh weather is in the forecast. Call for more info or to make an appointment at (301) 435-8659.