Call on Brick Street Services for Bathroom Remodel Plumbing in Hillsboro, VA!

Call on Brick Street Services for Bathroom Remodel Plumbing in Hillsboro, VA!

The renovation of your dream home begins with one room at a time, usually ranked by importance. The bathroom, for instance, is where the average person spends a half-hour of every day, so remodels and redesigns are common for optimum comforts. Where does Brick Street Services come in? Bathroom remodels plumbing in Hillsboro, VA is our specialty, ensuring you get all of the goodness out of the professional redesign of your bathroom.

What do bathroom plumbing remodels entail?

It depends on what you want. For the most part, these services will include a new toilet installation, shower installation, and sink or faucet installations. If you want to keep what you already have, we can check to ensure your pipes and interior plumbing work well enough with your current fixtures.

How Often Should Bathroom Plumbing Be Checked for Maintenance?

When plumbing is done correctly, you can go two years before you need your bathroom pipes checked again. However, if you’re the type to schedule annual maintenance and home checks, you can include plumbing in your check requests.

Do Shower, Toilet, and Tub Installations Take a Long Time to Complete?

It depends on the type of installation! Some shower, toilet, and tub installations are more complex than others. Where a shower and tub combo might take 24 hours for installation, other models could take upwards of a week for full, complete installation. Toilets usually only take a couple of hours to complete installation, but there are exceptions.

At Brick Street Services, we have made a name for ourselves with significant, positive strides in areas of bathroom remodel plumbing in Hillsboro, VA, and surrounding cities. We are skilled in multiple areas of plumbing service, repair, and maintenance, so give us a call for a professional touch when remodeling your home – (301) 453-8659.