Bathroom Fixture Installation & Repair Service In Martinsburg

The bathroom is a jam-packed room in your home. Many times a day, the fixtures are used, and they can become worn down over time. When you need bathroom fixture installation & repair service in Martinsburg, call in the experts at Brick Street Services. Our technicians have helped homeowners around the community upgrade their current fixtures or repair them to normal order.

Whether you want to update your bathroom or need assistance with a repair, we’ve got you covered.

Shower Heads

There are many options for a new updated shower head in your bathroom. You can choose from a massaging showerhead, rainfall, or typical water spray option. Our technician can work with you to find the best finish and style to fit your new shower needs.


We can install jets in your tubs if you want to take your bathroom to the next level spa atmosphere. These jets can help you melt away the troubles of the day when you relax.


Are you ready for a new bathroom sink and faucet? Then you’re in the right location! Our team can help you find the perfect fit and install it as soon as you’re ready!


A new toilet can really help you to conserve water and still feel at home. There are so many energy-efficient models on the market today. Allow our technician to help you find the perfect update.

Repair Services

If you’re not quite ready to update the fixtures but need assistance, we’ve got you taken care of. The repair professionals on staff here come with all the equipment necessary to fix your bathroom fixtures on the first visit to your home.

If you need to discuss bathroom fixture installation & repair service in Martinsburg, reach out to us at (301) 453-2089.