Air Conditioner Service

Maintaining the AC system in your home is easy to do when you know who to turn to. The team of experts here at Brick Street Services can help. For years we’ve been providing air conditioner service to all our residential clients. This allows you to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your cooling unit without the hassle of large repair bills.

Learn what we do below when it comes to servicing your system and why you can trust us to take care of every aspect.

Maintenance Routine

When we provide maintenance for your air conditioner, you’ll be able to have peace of mind it’s taken care of. Our routine consists of:

  • Checking all fluids and topping off/recharging as necessary
  • Tightening electrical connections that may be worked loose over time
  • Reducing friction in the system by adding lubrication to all moving parts
  • Cleaning the condenser, coils, and outside unit to reduce debris from causing issues
  • Changing out all filters to give the system a more manageable workload
  • Measuring the airflow to maintain efficiency
  • Calibrating the thermostat, so it keeps the proper temperature at all times

Why is Service Necessary?

It is essential to have regular service performed on your AC system. This adds several benefits to you as the homeowner. For starters, you’ll find that regular service reduces the emergency, late-night repair calls. You’ll know your system is in good working condition at all times.

Other benefits include items such as knowing you have peak efficiency and reducing your energy consumption, dropping your monthly power bill, and increasing the life span.

Talk with an expert today at (301) 453-2089 to learn more or set up your air conditioner service.



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