2022 Bathroom Fixture Trends For Your Ashburn Home

2022 Bathroom Fixture Trends For Your Ashburn Home

Having a stunning, modern home has become essential over the last decade. The trend continues, with everyone wanting a nice bathroom with a contemporary, https://brickstreetservices.com/2022-bathroom-fi…our-ashburn-home/spa-like feel. Not only is Brick Street Services your answer for bathroom remodel plumbing in Ashburn, but we would also like to talk with you about the latest trends in faucets and fixtures to create the ultimate bathroom oasis.

Why Worry About Faucets?

It goes without saying that even the smallest feature can truly make a bathroom stand out. Therefore, it is best to select faucets that fit into the design and style of your bathroom. We stay on top of the latest bathroom trends so that we can assist our clients as they create the bathroom of their dreams.

These are some of the top bathroom faucet trends this year:

  • Touchless, High-Tech – Who doesn’t want a high-tech, modern home? Add technology and quality to your bathroom with a contemporary feel with touchless bathroom faucets! These motion-sensor faucets turn on when you need them and then shut down by themselves, so you never have to worry if the faucet got turned off or not.
  • Pops of Color – Bold, bright colors in the bathroom placed just right can make the entire design. Many homeowners are looking for playful, personality-filled faucet fixture colors to set their bathroom apart from the rest.
  • Farmhouse – You used to only see farmhouse-style sinks and fixtures in kitchens, but they are now widely used in bathrooms. These farmhouse designs come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes so that you can pick one that lends to your scheme.

Are you interested in these or other trendy bathroom faucets or sinks? We are here to help as your trusted bathroom remodeling team! When you get in touch with us at Brick Street Services, we will be happy to set up a time for a consultation so that you can go over your ideas and goals.

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